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Why Your Marketing Director Should Be Blogging

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By Hector Cisneros

You hear a lot of business people talking about blogging. Many experts are saying that you should be blogging? Why is that? Is it because it's the latest marketing trend? Is it because it's easy to do, or maybe because it’s an easy way to grow a following or is it’s that it’s just a great return on investment? In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will explore the top 14 reasons every business should consider blogging as part of their marketing strategy. These 14 reasons will be eye-openers for some and rightful justification for others. So, take out your notepad and be ready to check these 14 reasons out as we explore “why your marketing director should be blogging.

26 Key Marketing Phrases that Every Business Owner Needs to Know

By Hector Cisneros
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We live in a world that is filled with techie terms and acronyms – Why? It's because people get lazy and don’t want to write or say a long phrase, so they abbreviate it and create acronyms. However, once these acronyms are created, they become communications weapons that advertisers use to bedazzle their prospects and clients. In our business, I hear sales reps talking in tongues, using words like SERPS, PPC, CPA, KPI, and GDPR as they present their wares as if they were magicians offering up magic incantations that produce miraculous page one results. The truth be told is that rarely do their claims match their results and it is because of this that most advertisers have a bad reputation. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will explore the top 26 key marketing phrases plus another 76, (102 in total) that are used in acronym form to bedazzle prospects. Our intention is to remove the veil of mystery from these words so our audience can make intelligent decisions when an advertising sales rep says – we can provide great clicks or Impressions, you can ask them, "What kind of conversions can you guarantee and what is the cost of client acquisition?” So, break out your notebook and copy down the phrases and definitions, and arm yourself with these 26 key marketing phrases as your shield against any bedazzling advertising sales rep.

This is Not your Granddaddy's Podcast – Content Casting is a Low-Cost Marketing Winner

By Hector Cisneros
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In 2011, my business partner Carl Weis and I decided to test our belief that "Authoritative, High Quality, Relevant, Timely, Useful and Infotainment content is what Google uses to determine a web pages organic ranking. We felt that if a page was being visited, read, viewed, commented on and shared, it would signal to Google that this page deserved to be ranked higher than pages that did not receive this type of attention. To achieve this goal, we decided to write and produce a weekly live internet radio show that we would also record as video and then publish all three content pieces each week to our social following. We chose the key phrase “Working the Web” as our organic page one goal. After nine months of diligent work, we received multiple organic page one search listings for our web pages. Fast forward 8 years later and we are still on page one of organic search for that phrase. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will explore our method of Content Casting (aka podcasting in all its forms), and how its primary benefits help businesses succeed in a very competitive internet marketplace.