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Making Pay Per Click Pay Big Dividends

Courtesy of Publicdomainpictures
By Hector E. Cisneros

There's no question pay per click Internet advertising is an effective means of garnering leads and finding prospects for many companies. However, large numbers of small businesses have found they've yet to crack the code needed to make pay per click profitable. Pay per click has many elements and it has often been compared to art rather than science.  In this article, we'll explore the ins and outs of pay per click and teach you how to hedge your bets so that pay per click pays big dividends for your business.

Unplug and Get Away From It All

By Carl Weiss
Courtesy of Flickr

Today’s blog is all about getting away! If you are looking to really get away from it all this summer,
to offer you some destinations that you won't find at your local travel agency.  The Internet can connect you to exotic locales that are truly out of this world.  In this article we will explore a number of unusual vacation concepts including space tourism, the top five underwater hotels, an igloo village, a guided tour allowing us Paris' sewer and an ice hotel in Sweden, just to name a few. 

Going Mobile

Courtesy of Flickr
By Carl Weiss

The Internet has been going mobile for the past few years.  In fact, there are now more people accessing the Web on their Smartphones than there are on all the world's computers ... combined.  Yet few businesses are exploiting the clear advantages that going mobile can bring by 
adapting their online marketing model. In this week's article, we'll talk about what it takes to start raking in the chips and upgrade your Web presence with smart mobile marketing.

Does Internet Ranking Really Matter?

By Carl Weiss

About two years ago, a client wrote me in a panic. The client had received an email from one of our competitors saying they weren't ranking on Google search, and that the firm said it could help them do so. What stood out for me was the phishing email never mentioned what my client was ranking for. In fact, Website name ranking as a whole isn't important. For most businesses, only ranking for the important keyword in their industry matters. Overall ranking for most visitors (being number one) for the most part, is the dominion of large companies that have spent the time, money and labor (doing whatever it takes today), to get widespread name recognition. I showed our client the email was just a “phishing expedition.” That only industry keyword ranking mattered. I also pointed out they were showing up on Page One of Google, Yahoo and Bing, for no less than 12 important keywords in their industry. You can read the entire article called "Is Google Calling or is it Someone Else?" by clicking here.

All the News That’s Fit to Stream

By Carl Weiss
Courtesy of Pixabay

Although newsprint has been around for more than 500 years, the past five years have seen a number of printed newspapers and magazines go down in flames. This is due in large part to the digital revolution that was spawned by the emergence of the Internet less than 20 years ago. Now, in an attempt to stave off extinction, most newspaper editors are embracing the Web in order to create a unique fusion of digital and print that they hope will keep them alive and kicking in the 21st century. Today's article will explore the changes that are taking place in the world of newsprint and where it’s headed.