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Can Google Cure Death, Disease and Aging?

Grim reaper crossed out with red X
Grim reaper crossed out with red X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone knows that there only two things in life of which we can all be assured: Death and Taxes.  Now, one of the billionaires behind the world’s most popular search engine wants to take a crack at eliminating the first of these woes.  That’s right; Larry Page of Google has made it his stated goal to cure death.  With a war chest in the billions, I guess if anyone can take a legitimate crack at the Grim Reaper, he can. 

The Smartest Guys in the Room

By Carl Weiss
The Internet has without a doubt been one of the most important inventions ever created. When it comes to revolutionizing the way in which we perceive and operate in the world, it has created a major paradigm shift in all things human.  And like many inventions, the web was the result of the labor of many talented people.  Some of those people wound up being relegated to footnote status while others went on to become Internet icons.

Bringing Down the Bitcoin Bandits

By Carl Weiss
For more than a thousand years, the route known as the Silk Road was the major source of trade that connected East and West.  Delivering everything from Chinese silk to spices and precious gems, this trade route used everything from camels to wooden boats to create a web of commerce that covered the known world.  Two millennia later, this concept was reborn online in a web portal of the same name.  The chief difference is that while the digital Silk Road did indeed concern itself with connecting a worldwide web of virtual traders, these entrepreneurs did not deal in frankincense and myrrh, but in a cornucopia of contraband that openly advertised everything from cannabis to cocaine and firearms to forgeries.

How to Run a Facebook Contest for Free

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By Hector E Cisneros

Facebook has recently changed their rules on running an online contest. Now is the time to take advantage of week's episode of Working the Web to Win so that your next Facebook Contest is a winner for you! these new rules that allow you to create a contest without having to purchase additional services or 3rd party apps. If you want to grow your Facebook fan base, this article is a must read. What most other articles neglect to tell you is that there are some real pitfalls you have to avoid to keep your account from being suspended. Breaking Facebook’s “somewhat hidden rules” can really shake you up. This article will cover what has changed and what to watch out for, as well as giving you the pros and cons of implementing your contest with and without apps.  Finally, we will provide some examples and links to other articles to get you started. So read this blog and tune in on this