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Cyberstalking for Fun & Profit

Is There a Cyberstalker in Your Future?

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By Carl Weiss

Does the title of this week's article creep you out?  Good, because more and more intimate personal information is available online about each and every one of us than is "healthy."  Worse still, it's  all too easy to become a victim of cyberstalking.  That's because most of us disseminate far too much personal information on social nets, in chat rooms, and via photo and video sharing services.  It's also far too easy to get the vast majority of us to volunteer even more intimate details regarding our religious and political affiliations, income, sexual orientation, and health-related issues. Worst of all, there are companies and cybercriminals that profit from this glut of easily obtained information. The result? We're all putting our personal and financial futures at risk.  In this article we'll show you how easy it is to glean reams of information about nearly anyone — and most importantly — what you need to do to keep yourself from getting caught with your pants down.  And if that doesn't give you the e-heebie jebbies, I don't know what will.

The Internet: The Ultimate Innovation Station

By Carl Weiss

One of the many things that has continually made our country
great is the fact that our populace has always had its dreamers, tinkerers and inventors.  The Internet itself is proof positive of the power of American ingenuity.  There are millions of people with great ideas for new products and services. There’s a big difference between drawing an idea on a napkin versus actually bringing your invention or idea to fruition in the marketplace.  This week we’ll discuss how budding inventors can use the World Wide Web to become a successful entrepreneur.  We’ll discuss everything from angel investors, to Crowdfunding, to online marketing and more. This article will cover all the bases so you can hitch your wagon to the online money train.  Our corresponding Internet shows will have guests who are experienced in raising money, who offer inventor's resources, or who have made it to the big time online with their innovative products or services.

Leveraging the Internet in the 21st Century

By Carl Weiss

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In the 20th Century, businesses used print, TV and Radio as the preferred advertising mediums to take their products and services to market. To flex your advertising muscles today, you also need to add the internet to the mix.  Unlike traditional forms of advertising, the internet easily crosses most borders and allows businesses “in the know” to Geo-target their ads to any regional or local level they desire.

Going Postal - With Touch Marketing

By Hector E. Cisneros

Many businesses spend tons of money generating leads and finding prospects on the Internet. Internet marketing is the norm today for any business looking to grow its customer base. But did you know most businesses leave more money on the table because they neglect the customers they already have? Touch marketing is the best way to ensure you stay top-of-mind with existing customers. However, providing the right level and frequency of touches can be either a godsend for generating more sales, or a nightmare for scaring away your customers. In this episode, we will explore the do's and don't’s of touch marketing and provide you with a checklist of the best practices so you can keep your hard-earned customers and benefit from selling to them … time and time again.