Why do Giant Companies Step on Consumers Toes? Part 2:

Real Examples of Giant Corporate Mistakes

By Hector Cisneros

Courtesy of en.wikipedia.org
You know that giant corporations make mistakes, sometimes by accident and sometimes on purpose. The closer the company is to being a monopoly, the greater the chance they will step on our toes. This week’s article will delve into recent real world examples of giant companies stepping on customers’ toes. We will name names and tell it like it is. We will look at some of the big players who are well known Like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook (plus a few lesser known companies). So read on and be ready to learn about real world examples of giant corporations biting the hands that feed them because they can. Now that I have shared many of the ways giant companies step on client’s toes, let’s look at some recent examples.

Lights! Webcam! YouTube action!

Courtesy of  en.wikipedia.org
By Danny Murphy

Did you ever wonder how some businesses have the time and resources to make videos for YouTube and other social media outlets? What is the difference between videos that go viral and videos that are just out there? What does it take to make an effective video for a small business? This article is about the way some businesses are using video as part of their marketing mix. One surprising thing it that production costs are way down and it doesn’t take much to get started. Read and learn from this week’s Working the Web to Win article about businesses that use video and how you can get video to work for your business. These days almost anyone can make a video and put it on YouTube. Millions and millions of videos are being produced, posted, and shared. Here are a few interesting stats from YouTube. 

Is Google+ adding up?

Courtesy of  www.youtube.com
By Danny Murphy

There’s no shortage of hype about the Internet and product launches related to it. When Google+ launched in 2011, there was a lot of hype. Google+ was Google’s response to popular social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Google wanted their piece of the social media market. However, Google+ has not lived up to the hype. Some big changes were recently made to Google+. Naturally, Google cranked out some hype over those changes.

Why do Giant Companies Step on Consumers? Part 1:

Ten Common Mistakes Made

By Hector Cisneros

Ever wonder why big companies make crazy marketing moves that really piss off their target market? Why do they act like giants walking through a garden accidently stepping on ants (the consumers) when they know their target market lives there in the first place? This article is all about how giant companies can’t seem to leave well enough alone when It comes to supporting products and services that work.  It also talks about what big companies should be doing to avoid these mistakes and what you the consumers can do to keep the giant companies from making these mistakes too often. So read and learn from this week’s Working the Web to Win article about why the giant companies step on consumers.