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A Dozen Easy Ways to Grow and Market to Your Facebook Fan Base

By Hector Cisneros
Courtesy of  Flickr

In the past, I have written other articles the show more than a dozen ways to grow your Facebook Fan Base. This article will focus on the easiest way to grow your fan base. If you're new to Facebook or have been using it for a while, but have yet to delve into its rules and multitude of functions, then you’re starting off by reading the right article. On the other hand, if you have been doing your homework, but are still not getting the kind of result you want then you're still in the right place. This article is geared to those gorilla and newbie marketers who just want something simple and cost-effective so that they too can compete in this huge social media arena. So, get ready and set your learning meter to full speed ahead to learn a dozen easy to use ways to grow your Facebook Fan base.

The Guide to The Working The Web Universe

Courtesy of  Wikipedia
By Hector Cisneros

There is a universe of marketing choices for the business owner today. Gone are the days when you could do just Print, Radio, TV or billboard advertising. The internet changed all that. In fact, the Internet has forced conventional analog media, once considered the foundational platforms for advertising, to adapt and join the internet or die. Today the internet is the space that marketers need to make their advertising work. But the choices are many, and the landscape is filled with tricks, scams and large advertising players who are constantly changing the game. So as a business owner, who do you trust, how do you make the right choices and most importantly, how do you know if you’re getting a good return for your marketing dollar? Well, this episode of Working the Web to Win will delve deep into Marketing In Cyberspace to help business owners make sense of the Working the Web Universe.

How to Leverage the Latest Changes in LinkedIn

By Hector Cisneros
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It is a relatively rare occasion when a colossal company like Microsoft buys one of the top 10 social media giants Like LinkedIn. This kind of purchase could usher in major changes in the dynamics of social media as well as the domination of mega giant’s for different areas of the internet. More importantly, this will usher in a lot of changes that the current subscribership of LinkedIn will have to absorb, adapt to and re-learn. In this episode, on Working the Web to Win, I will cover the major changes in the newly redesigned LinkedIn interface, discussing where features have moved, along with comparing free versus premium versions. And lastly, I will cover what has not changed, that is, the things you do to make LinkedIn work for you. The principle and fundamentals that allow you to leverage LinkedIn to grow your business.

How to Spot Search Ranking Scams and Other Search Engine Enigmas

Courtesy of Pixabay
By Hector Cisneros

The Internet is an amazing and wonderful tool. You can access an unbelievable amount of useful information. However, at the same time, it is a perilous, deceptive minefield fraught with traps, lies, fraud and all manner of criminal activity. As a professional in the digital marketing arena, I have a particular distaste for SEO scams. Search Engines are the heart of the internet. We use them to constantly filter and find all the things we desire.