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Your Website - Lost in Cyberspace

 By Carl Weiss

Lost In Space Second Series.
Lost In Space Second Series. (Photo credit: Jimmy Big Potatoes)
Every time Google sneezes, the entire Internet comes down with a cold. Many websites fall off Page One  every time Google updates their search algorithms.  Because Google controls 82% of search, it is vital that you understand its likes and dislikes. You also need to know what  to do to bulletproof your web presence so that the next time an update occurs you won't be lost in cyberspace. The problem is that Google, like all other search engines, doesn't make it easy for webmasters and site designers to understand the rules of engagement.  This article will attempt to part the curtain and give you a look behind the scenes in order to show you what the wizard wants. 

Using Press Releases to Promote your Business

By Hector E. Cisneros
Courtesy of Needpix

We live in America and believe in freedom of the press, right? However, Did you know you can use free and low-cost press releases to gain search ranking, drive web traffic and find more customers? Do realize anyone can also use it to get others to tell their story and to spread that message to hundreds if not thousands of news outlets in as little as 24 hours? More importantly, you can use it to get a page one position in as little as 24 hours... Press releases not only build your brand, but it also raises your credibility to a whole new level. In this week's Working The Web To Win's blog, we will help you build your brand and gain more customers by using free and low-cost press release services to gain search page ranking.

Using Text Message Magic to Drive Traffic

Courtesy of Pixfuel
By Hector E Cisneros

Most people don’t want you to text and drive but did you know that you can drive web traffic with a text message! You can also sell products, announce events, deliver promo codes and other special offers. However, there are lots of pitfalls, technical issues and even laws that you have to navigate in order to be successful. Join us this week as we dive into the depths of Text Messaging Magic for your business.

In this article, I want to lay out several fundamentals every business needs to follow if they are planning to be successful at Text Message Marketing. I will break the article into two segments. The first is a brief overview of what is text messaging and why a business should be using text messaging for business advertising. The second segment will cover best practices for maximizing your campaign results.

The Secrets of Blogging for Dollars

Courtesy of

By Hector Cisneros

Have you heard the phrase, “There is money to be made in blogging”? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s true. A blog can provide a platform to showcase your business, your expertise and your products. However, you first have to build an audience and then you have to learn how to use pull Marketing to get them to buy. Add to the above the fact that blogging can raise your credibility, raise your search ranking and allow you to spread your message on multiple social nets and you have a winning marketing tool. In this article on Working the Web to Win we will discuss how you can use blogging as a springboard for your business, your career and make money while doing it. So read on and learn the Secrets of Blogging for Dollars.