What’s Up with Wi-Fi?

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Do you often ask - WFT's going on with my WiFi?

By Carl Weiss

Whether you are worried about the security consequences of using public Wi-Fi, or are tired of having to put up with Wi-Fi dead zones in your home or business, today’s blog is designed to take the WTF out of Wi-Fi.  I will endeavor to cover everything from what the latest in Wi-Fi, to how to bulletproof your Wi-Fi security, to troubleshooting Wi-Fi problems, as well as provide timely tips that will make your Wi-Fi use, safe and hassle free.

The Trouble with Texts - New Text Virus Hits Europe

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By Carl Weiss

Until recently, a computer virus was something you contracted by clicking on a link or an ad that then had you download a piece of malicious code otherwise known as malware. If you were lucky, your system's anti-malware program picked it up and eliminated it before it could do any real harm. If you were not, then your hard drive was corrupted to the point where it either slowed to a crawl, popped up hundreds of ads, or froze up completely. So news of a new virus would seem to be no news at all. Except that in this case, Android phones in Europe have been infected via text messaging with a new virus called Mazar. Once installed, this malware redirects all web traffic on the infected smartphone through a proxy that allows cybercriminals to harvest personal and financial information from victims. While the virus has not yet spread across the Atlantic, it is only a matter of time.

How to Launch your Next Marketing Campaign

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By Hector Cisneros

Have you ever wondered why some people are extremely successful with their marketing and others are not? They seem to be able to put great ads together quickly. They can develop and launch a website in less than a few weeks. Better still, their return on their marketing investment is much higher than the average business spending the same amount of money. In this episode, I will cover “getting organized” to wage war on your competitors. I will also show you a checklist that when fulfilled and followed, will make you come out on top 99% of the time. Better still, your return on your investment dollar will be better than it’s ever been. So tune in and turn onto this week’s episode of Working the Web to Win and learn the organizational steps that make for a successful marketing campaign.

What’s Up with Web 3.0?

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By Carl Weiss

This ain’t your daddy’s world wide web.  If you thought that Web 2.0 was mind blowing, wait until you see what’s coming.  Where Web 2.0 turned an online research tool into a global social phenomenon that redefined how we interact with one another, Web 3.0 promises to take us where no web surfer has gone before.  That’s chiefly due to the fact that the next generation of online technology will be AI enabled and able to deliver more information faster and in more ways than is now possible.  If you want to see what Web 3.0 has in store for you in the not too distant future, buckle up as I give you a sneak preview in this week’s blog.

Are Trolls Taking Control of the Internet?

Stop trolling ! ( Courtesy of Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Carl Weiss

Look up the word “Troll” and you will find two meanings.  The first is the Scandinavian legend concerning hideous creatures whose life revolves around vexing humans and who turn into stone upon contact with sunlight.  The other definition is to fish using a hook and line that are pulled through the water.  Trolling on the Internet combines the worst of both these concepts by creating hideous comments and bald faced lies about human beings that are then pulled along by the sheer momentum of social media.