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How to Triple Your Blogs Views in 60 Days or Less

By Hector (the Connector) Cisneros
Working the Web To Win's blog Stats

So, you have a blog and you’re publishing articles on a regular basis, but you’re following and page views are growing at a snail’s pace. What do you need to do to get to the next level? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find some proven method that produced a quantum leap in growth? Would learning how to maximize your postings really help? Would learning how to use the right schedule, frequency, and time of day actually make a difference for your blog? Does sharing your posts with the right people in a coordinated manner make a difference?

How to Stop Sir Spamalot

By Carl Weiss
Courtesy of Pixabay

Do you remember Monty Python's 2005 musical comedy "Spamalot," along with its irreverent send up of the Arthurian legend?  Directed by Mike Nichols, the Broadway production garnered three Tony Awards and grossed more than $175 million..  Fast forward: Nearly ten years and that term is being applied a lot, only this time without actors clapping coconut shells, substituting for horses or the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.  What I am referring to is online spam.

The Piracy of Privacy - The Looting of Privacy in America

Privacy Lost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Hector Cisneros

In case you haven't noticed, personal privacy, for the most part, does not exist anymore. Most large retail businesses have full surveillance systems. The highways and roads are replete with traffic cameras. Satellites watch all of our streets; our government is recording and storing our emails, texts, and phone conversations; and criminals are having a hack-a-thon on our computers and smart devices for fun and ill-gotten gains. Heck, if you have a smart watch on, Google knows when you go to the bathroom! In the book, and then movie, “Minority Report.” by Philip K. Dick and the popular science fiction TV show, “Continuum,” created by Simon Barry both forecast a world where government and business combine to produce a society where many freedoms and privacy issues are expensed in the name of the greater good. Unfortunately, the greater good is defined by a union of few powerful government officials, politicians and rich corporate executives.

Are You Ready for the BIG Game?

By Carl Weiss

When fall is just around the corner and anyone mentions “the BIG Game,” most people immediately think of   And why not?  With a viewing audience of over a hundred million people, for a sporting event that commands nearly $4 million dollars for a 30-second TV ad, this is one game that’s hard to beat.  Well, at least it is on TV.  When it comes to that other BIG Game, the online marketing game, we’re talking about a whole other arena.
the Super Bowl.

Is Your Business Still Waiting for the Movie to Come Out?

By Carl Weiss
Courtesy of Flickr

The vast majority of people love watching videos. This is borne out by the rapid growth on Netflix online, Hulu, Vudu, Ultraviolet and other online service that have emerged in the past decade. Large movie  studios and major networks are all scrambling to create a winning online video presence. So, why aren’t small and medium size businesses doing the same?

How to Turn Your Best Customers into Your Best Salespeople

By Carl Weiss
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Would you like to know” the secret” to turning your best customers into your best sales people ? How would you like to have them work for you 24/7, 365 days a year? Better yet, how about having them work for you for free (or maybe next to nothing)? Well, this article teaches you just that. I will show you how to get your customers to sing your praises 24/365 and be happy for doing it. So read on and turn your best customers into your best sales people.

Extreme Website Makeovers – Fixes That Boost Traffic, Conversions and Rankings

By Hector Cisneros
Courtesy of Pxhere

Has it been two or more years since you last updated your website? Is your 
website getting any significant traffic? Does Google, Yahoo or Bing consider your website a black hat feast filled spammy with links? Is it not showing up in organic search in these search engines’ first two pages? Is the special phone number you bought to track visitors ringing off the hook or is it dead silent? Are your visitors bouncing off your web pages faster than bouncy balls on hot pavement in the summer, or are they sticking like superglue and reading every word? Are people filling out your landing page forms to connect with you? Are they following you to your social nets and connecting with you there? Are your site’s visitors converting into sold customers? Is anybody complimenting you on your website, saying how useful it is and they’re delighted they found you?