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How to Make the Best Impression When Meeting Virtually

By Hector Cisneros
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The COVID 19 pandemic has permanently changed the way we will be doing business. Prior to COVID 19, we engaged in lots of face to face marketing along with TV, radio, print, and of course internet marketing. The pandemic with its government mandates and the fear of getting sick now governs how we meet. The Word ZOOM and phrase "virtual meeting" are now household terms, (even though online & phone conferencing has been around for many years). Today, if you're not using ZOOM, (or another virtual meeting product like Google Meet, Microsoft Team, or Goto Meeting), you're hardly meeting anyone at all. Today, virtual meeting applications like ZOOM are more important than ever. In many cases, it's your one shot to impress a prospect or  client and build the trust you need to move to the next level in the sales process. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, I will explore the best way to make a great impression. I'll discuss proper techniques, the basic tools you will be using, and most importantly, the proper etiquette that will make you look good in the prospect's eyes.  So get out a pad and pencil and get ready to take notes as I show you how to make the best impression using your virtual meeting software.