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Wearables 2.0 - The Rise of Trackers

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Does your Activity Tracker Really Know What Your Health Is?

You see them everywhere. On your friends and co-works belts, necklaces, shoes and wrists. Futuristic bracelets, watches, clasps and jewelry that track your body's vital statistics, daily activities and exercise. But do they work? Are they a help or a hindrance to your efforts to get fit, stay healthy and be injury free, on your way to wellness nirvana. In this episode of Working The Web to Win we will cover the latest craze generally referred to as "activity trackers". We will discuss the pros and cons of many of the top sellers and also delve into the logistics of searching for, buying, and using these fascinating self-spying devices that are taking the world by storm.

Is Google+ Dying as a Social Network?

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By Hector Cisneros

A lot of people are asking this Question; is Google+ dying as a social network? You've heard the pundits say, “Google+ is a dead network. Google + is on the way out. Google is dismantling Google +. No one is using it. It’s a ghost town.” Today the naysayers are pointing out that Google is dismantling parts of Google+ by removing key elements of its social network. Well, there is good news, bad news and ugly news coming and in this blog, I will explore and prognosticate on Google’s latest changes as it evolves into something new to fit Google's overall internet strategy.

Are You Prepared for the Onslaught of Cyber-Attacks?

It's said the only sure things in life are death and taxes. While this pearl of wisdom has stood the test of time, in the not too distant future, there could be an addition to that list: Cyber-Attack. That's because cyber-attacks on businesses and individuals are up nearly 50% in the past year alone. Where cybercriminals used to almost exclusively target big businesses with deep pockets, now that ransomware has become so prolific, small businesses and even individuals are finding their online assets and machines being hijacked. And why not, since most individuals and small businesses offer little in the way of resistance.

The DIY Online Marketing Solution

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By Carl Weiss

“We’re Number ONE!”

That’s what everyone strives for in the USA. Whether you’re talking sports, business, academics, or keeping up with the Jones’, Americans are extraordinarily competitive. This is especially true for online position of Google search. Ever since the first search engines appeared more than 20 years ago, website owners vied for the top spot on every keyword combination imaginable. Today, a Page One position is more competitive and more important than ever before. There are nearly 600 million websites and only 14 to 20 Page One positions for any specific keyword combination. Talk about competitive!