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Grow your Business by Going Mobile

By Hector Cisneros
Courtesy of Flickr

Back in 2012, I wrote my annual Hector the Connector Prediction article where I stated that making your website mobile friendly was critical to your long-term internet marketing success. Back then few websites were mobile friendly. HTML 5 did not exist yet, and the only way you could truly have a mobile website was to build a separate website designed to fit mobile platforms. These sites were formatted for smartphone or tablet and were easy to spot because they had the designation “.mobi” attached to them. In 2012, the majority of web surfers were using desktop computers. Most smartphones only used 3G (4G LTE was still new) and 99.999 percent of all websites were built for a desktop platform. Today, more than 52% of all web traffic is mobile (i.e., from smartphones). In Asia, it’s more than 65%! Today’s online marketer needs to make sure their web assets are mobile friendly, or they’ll miss out on more than half the traffic! In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will explore what is needed from your mobile-friendly web assets and what it takes to succeed in a mobile-dominated internet. So, get out your smartphone and get ready to browse the changes you need to make to become 100% mobile-friendly.  

6 Ways to Successfully Take Your Business Online

By Ashley Lipman
Image courtesy of Flickr

No matter how successful your business is, you know it’s not reaching its full potential unless you take it online. This may be a bit complicated, but it’s well worth it!  Most of your audience is online, and so are your competitors. Therefore, it’s time to take a step forward to ensure your business successfully evolves with the rapidly changing market trends. Confused about where to start? Check out the following guidelines for a smooth transition online. 

Social Media Secrets of the Rich and Famous

Courtesy of Wikipedia
By Hector Cisneros

I love the song dirty laundry by Don Henley which portrays the news industry as a system that lives off the glory and misfortunes of celebrities and the rich and famous.  However, this article is not about the dirty laundry of the rich and famous; It's about how anyone can grow an audience to a very large number by implementing marketing elements that are reciprocal to the fans it targets. Most social media articles about the rich and famous, only talk about who reached a huge following, not how they achieved their results. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will explore the principles of social networking that we have been espousing for several years now. So, get ready to absorb these social media principles as we unveil the evolved rules of social networking of the Rich and Famous.

Working The Web - How to Get High SEO Ranking on YouTube

Courtesy of Flickr
By Hector Cisneros

For years you have heard consultants say that you must make your video content go viral. Yet few of them ever tell you how to actually achieve this feat of marketing magic. Is it the title that gets people excited enough to share your video? Is it the headline that compels people to view and pass it on? Is it perfect timing or who you know that matter most, or is it just dumb luck that gets you there? In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will pull back the curtain of this wizardly marketing magic so all of you will be privy to what it takes to achieve high YouTube SEO Ranking. Now get ready for lights, camera, and action as we explain the art and science of making videos rank high and go viral.

Will the New General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Give us More Privacy and Security?

By Hector Cisneros
Courtesy of Pixabay

On May 25th headlines everywhere were touting the announcement of the new EU GDPR law that was going into effect. Even if you didn’t see the headlines on the news, you would have been inundated by the many emails from a wide assortment of internet and SAS providers. They were all telling you about their updated data protection and privacy policies and were asking you to read it and agree to them. How many of you actually read any of these new policy updates? What do these new policies mean? Are they the answer to Facebooks data selling misconduct or the fact that Equifax dragged its feet for months before informing the public of its massive data breach? Is it the action of our government finally coming to our rescue? In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will find answers to these questions and many more as we delve into the meaning of the new GDPR law here in the United States. So, get ready to dig deep as the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation spreads across the fruited plain.