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The Internet of Things (IoT) Give Birth to Star Trek Like Healthcare

By Hector Cisneros
Courtesy of Flickr

If you ask the average person if they want to be healthy, live longer, be more active in their retirement years, you would get a big fat "YES", as the answer almost every time. What if you asked - If we could make going to the doctor for a check up - painless, quick, easy you would get a big fat "YES". But what if we said that we could gather all your health vitals remotely using a health scanner followed by a five minute video teleconference once a year, if no problems are found. Wouldn't that even be better. Again the answer would be a big fat "YES". 

So If I told you we have Star Trek like technology available now that could provide all your vital health information and could eliminate most doctor visits, what would you say? Most people would say, "You're kidding, right!". But I wouldn't be kidding! In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will explore the exploding healthcare IoT (Internet of Things) industry that is making Star Trek like healthcare a reality for many consumers in the 21st Century. So read on about the rapidly evolving IoT of healthcare and how it will affect your personal health in the present if you so choose.

Terrorist's Are Now Using Drones to Attack People and Infrastructure Targets

By Hector Cisneros

The first time we at Working the Web to Win took a real interest in Drone technology was in 2013. Back then it was exciting, held great promise and also cast a dark shadow. There were technological issues, licensing and cost questions and of course privacy concerns. Most worrisome for me was the possibility that these devices could be used as a deadly weapon for assassination and terrorism. In 2014, terrorism rose its ugly head in a big way as terrorist began to utilize the internet (especially social media) to spread the message of hate. Fast forward to 2019 and the reality of commercially available drones being used as weapons for assassination and terror is now a reality. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will cover many of the latest assassination and drone terrorist attack that have happened around the world. This is a very serious and important subject. Make sure you read and share this article with your friend, family and co-workers. This threat is here. 

How Smart is a Smart Home? Reprinted from Life Happens 365

Smart Homes are all the rage these days, but are the all they are cracked up to be? Can you actually do all the things the commercials say without things going haywire or worse?? Are they easily hacked? Can you protect your Smart House like a regular home? Our client Diane Tait from  A & B Insurance wrote this great article posted on her blog called Life Happens 365. We loved this article so much that we decided to reprint it in its entirety here on our blog and share it with all of our regular readers. So enjoy this article and then share it with your friends. Make sure you heed her warnings as well. At the end of the article we will supply some additional links to help with cyber security as well. So without any further Adu, read "How Smart is a Smart Home?".

By Diane Tait

Image courtesy Public Domain Pictures
You may have noticed that technology is invading everything these days. Late model automobiles aren’t so much cars anymore as they are computers with four tires and a steering wheel.  Smartphones are 10% telephone and 90 % computer.  The computer that took man to the Moon had about as much computing power as that in your car’s digital key fob. The bottom line is  almost everything these days is Internet enabled.  That includes many of the devices in your home. 

Apple Vs Android Phones - a 180 Day Comparison of which is easiest to use.

By Hector Cisneros
Courtesy of Flickr

I have been hearing the argument about who has the best smartphone since Apple released its first iPhone in 2007. Smartphone users are very passionate about their phones. They argue about which is the fastest, the most secure, the thinnest, which has the best picture and features. You name it, smartphone users argue about it. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, I will relay my 3 month experience of using and carrying both an Android and an Apple smartphone at the same time to evaluate what I think is the best of these systems. So read on and see some of my surprising findings as I tell you about my experiences carrying and using both an Android and Apple smartphone simultaneously for the last four months.