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Saving Money with Out Sourcing (using Fiverr and others)

Courtesy of Flickr
By Carl Weiss

Are you looking for new ways to save your business money? Would you love to be able to cut development, marketing and production cost. Would this make you more competitive? Today’s economy is forcing American businesses to change the way it gets things done.

Like it or not, economic pressures have forced major changes in the way Americans do business.  Whether big business or small, outsourcing and freelancing are the name of the game today.  So much so that a number of enterprising entrepreneurs have devised online portals that specifically, cater to this stock in trade.  While some people lament a lack of quality control or even a failure to communicate (due to language differences) with these far-flung resources, the fact is that these services are in ever greater demand as business owners strive to tighten their belts in current economic conditions.  So if you have been thinking about giving online outsourcing a go, below is a list of some of the more prominent resources.

The Twelve Secrets of Social Media Success

By Hector Cisneros
Courtesy of Flickr
Several years ago, a friend told me about this great new network that was going to eliminate my need for going to network meetings. He said he could go online and connect with people. I decided to join that network to see what all the hoopla was all about. At the time my friend was talking about LinkedIn. A year later I also joined Facebook and then followed that up by joining Twitter. Later, I also joined FourSquare, Stumbleupon, YouTube, Ecademy, MerchantCircle and Google+ (just to name a few). I soon learned that using social networks was very different than most forms of online marketing. I quickly realized that social networking was very much like face to face networking. Both were a form of word of mouth marketing. Both had fairly ridged rules of how you could build credibility, specific rules that would endear you to followers and rules that would get you un-followed or un-friended very quickly.

Are Google Glasses the Great Game Changer or a Passing Fad?

By Carl Weiss

As a kid, I remember the ads in the backs of magazines showing cool gadgets and seemingly magical devices. I remember the ad for X-ray Glasses, Space Helmets, hand held communications and other futuristic promises that were yet to come. Jump 50 years forward and we have space helmets, smartphones and Google Glasses. I know, they are not X-rays Glasses but they have stirred a hornets nest of controversy even though they can see through your clothes.

There has never before been such controversy over a technology that has yet to reach store shelves.  This wearable computing device is going to take technology to a whole new level… literally.  The device itself sports nothing radically new.  All the devices and operations performed by Glass are available on any Smartphone or tablet PC.  Voice actuated, record video, take pictures, run apps etc… What seems to be causing all the anger is the fact that Google Glass is a camera/video platform that can start snapping pictures and make video recordings without being noticed.  This has caused a number of institutions to ban their use and has spawned a number of legislators to consider legislation to limit when and where people can use Glass.

Using Video as a Social Media Platform

Courtesy of Pixabay
By Carl Weiss

Everyone is talking about social media today. Network TV stations tell you to follow them on Twitter. They ask you to like them on Facebook or ask you to upload your pictures to their Facebook page. Radio stations are doing the same thing. As a matter of fact, even newspapers and magazines are getting in on the act. All of these old players (established networks and communications conglomerates) all are moving towards social media communications. However, there is a new sheriff in town that most people never even think of as a social media giant!