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Is The Social Dilemma Real or Has NetFlix's Documentary Got it All Wrong?

By Hector Cisneros

Netflix Logo
Courtesy of Commons.Wikimedia.Org
Most things in life, especially tools are like a two-edged sword. Social Media from the beginning has always shown these qualities. It has held the great promise of being the equalizer for consumers making it much harder for vendors to sell shoddy products or provide poor customer service. On the other hand, it has always invaded our privacy, even though it pretends to be a free subscription. Consumers have ignored the high cost of entry paid for by providing their personal information. I don't just mean their profile, but also all the behaviors a subscriber conducts. Everything is recorded for analysis while on any social network. When I watched the NetFlix Documentary called "The Social Dilemma" and was happy to see that a larger corporation was taking this subject seriously. In fact, it is the best documentary of its kind, exposing all the ugly things that are going on behind the social media green curtain.