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The State of Internet Privacy & Security in America Today

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By Hector Cisneros

Our world is an ever widening set of connections, growing in complexity and diversity every day.  With each new type of connection comes the potential for hacking.  Every new Internet of things (IoT) device comes with the potential for loss of privacy. With each new type of counter-surveillance comes the potential for abuse from the government and criminals as well. Most of the technology we have invented sprang from an idea of how to make things easier, more user-friendly, and more useful to the average person. This approach often neglects the necessary safeguards needed to protect unsophisticated users from very intelligent and sophisticated criminals bent on taking advantage of the loopholes present in technology that has been rushed to market. In this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will cover the current state of US internet privacy and security, so that every consumer will be prepared for the onslaught of loss of privacy that is coming. So read on and learn how to protect yourself in the current era of Internet insecurity.

How to Start a Career Using Social Media!

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By Hector Cisneros

If you are seeking employment in today's competitive job market, you're looking for every edge you can get to beat the competition. Social media can be that edge. When used in a systematic and focused way, social media can provide you with multitude of job seeking avenues and connections that you could not achieve using just your feet, friends and a phone. In this article on Working the Web to Win, we will explore how any would-be job seeker can gain worthwhile employment, start their career and join today's workforce, with a job that they want, and the potential they seek.  This is a comprehensive article that covers all aspects of using social media for your search. So read on and learn how to use social media in the war to win gainful employment.

Telemedicine: Is there a doctor in your browser?

By Danny Murphy
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Every year there are tremendous advancements in science and medicine. One arena that is taking off like a rocket to the moon is Telemedicine. Just a couple of years ago Telemedicine was often referred to as a novel idea that wasn’t quite practical. Well babe, all that has changed. Today doctors and insurance companies are starting to embrace Telemedicine, partially because of the rising cost of healthcare and partially because it is practical. In this article about Telemedicine, we will explore just how quickly doctors are adding this tool to their medicine chest and how it will affect you the consumer of modern day medicine. So read on and learn from this week’s Working the Web to win as we explore - Telemedicine: Is There a Doctor in your Browser?

Google is Playing Musical Chairs with Ranking and it will Cost Us Billions

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By Hector E Cisneros

Yes - Google Gone Ga Ga - Again! Every year Google, spins their secrete algorithm roulette wheel to see what they want to emphasize. This year is no different. Now Google is changing the game in a big way. Google is making core changes to how they search page looks, feels and list SERP's (search engine results pages). They have changed how many paid ads are listed and, where they are listed. On top of that they have also changed how many organic listings show up. Plus, there are many backend changes that are not visible to the naked eye that directly affect ranking. So, if you want to know what these Google Algorithm changes have in stored for you, read on and learn what Googles game of, Algorithm Musical Chairs means to you.