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Seven Habits of Highly Successful Internet Marketers

By Hector E. Cisneros
Courtesy of Flickr

Many years ago, I read Steven Covey's book "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". This book had a big impact on my life. I spent many years cultivating and incorporating his philosophy and ideas into my business and personal life. This article is my attempt to bring the spirit of his philosophy to the world of internet marketing. However, I did not want to just rehash his ideas. I wanted to bring the reader a new perspective, a new view of how my seven internet marketing habits incorporate and embrace the sea change that has occurred in organic search engine marketing. I wanted these seven marketing habits to showcase how any internet marketer could use content marketing to be successful at achieving their client’s goals. So if you’re ready to learn how it’s done. Read on and embrace the Seven Habits of Highly Successful Internet Marketers.

Habit #1: Successful internet marketers don't try to trick the search engines, they try to make them happy.  They look for efficient ways to give the search 
Google, Yahoo and Bing don't Like Tricks!
engines what they want. They understand that it is important to be focused and specific, by picking optimized keywords, URL names and making sure that these elements match the content on their web properties. They make sure that they have created a unique selling proposition and know all about their ideal customer profiles before they start their campaign. They also make sure they set up and use web page analytics to set goals, engage in AB testing and monitor their campaign, to make sure they are on target.  

Internet Marketing is always evolving.
Habit #2: Successful internet marketers understand that internet marketing is a rapidly evolving medium.  It is tied to technology and that technology is always changing. This means that internet marketing will always be evolving at a much faster pace than conventional old school advertising.  Flexibility is paramount. They know that they have to keep up with changes, understand and embrace these changes and look for opportunities that they can exploit. They understand that if the result your measuring indicate change is needed, then change must take place, even if it means scrapping that medium and replacing it with another. They are not afraid to make changes if things are not working out as they had planned. logo logo (Photo credit: Colin ZHU)
Habit #3: Successful internet marketers realize the revolution that blogging has created. They fully grasp the magnitude that publishing without the restrictions and controls that the big publishing companies once wielded can give them. Any business can create uniquely useful, relevant and timely content that creates credibility and separates them from the competition. More importantly, they understand that blog articles are not a one and done proposition. They get the importance of how these articles can have very long advertising lives. They also recognize that these articles keep on working day in and day out, they are indexed daily by the search engines, which means they can rank quickly. They can even draw as much traffic as pay per click campaigns and build a following just like social media. They recognize how blogging is a lynchpin connecting  all types of content, including  web pages, social networks, video, images, podcasts and more. 

Habit #4: Successful internet marketers recognize the importance that social media plays for today's consumers. They embrace the use of the top five social media sites and are committed to providing unique, useful, relevant and timely content on a daily basis. They recognize the importance of building a large following and engaging followers and prospects on their terms. They recognize that consumers use social media as a word of mouth mechanism to determine what's hot and what's not, what’s good and what sucks and whose service is great and whose is poor. They also
The world of Social Media.
realize that social network posts, follower size, mentions and ratings, directly affect their web properties 
organic search rankings. They understand that engaging enablers and focusing on growth, is an important aspect of  building a strong social marketing platform. Lastly, they understand the important of using their social nets as a customer database. This allows them to connect and cultivate strong relationships with engaging post, offers and email news letters, fostering repeat business.

Habit #5: Successful internet marketers have discovered the power of credibility! They understand that a web page only has about two minutes to motivate the visitors to click or call.  They have recognized that people are no longer willing to browse a website for ten or fifteen minutes.  A visitor must be compelled with a legitimately useful offer to motivate them to take the next step of contacting a business. Web pages need to include elements that build credibility as well as look professional. They need to include an easy to find and read phone number, a physical address, a map
Your site need credibility to work.
to your location, a video testimonial and a unique selling proposition video. Your content needs to be easy to understand and exactly match the visitors needs. Most importantly, your landing page needs to help the customer feel confident, that  your company, your product and your offer are legitimate and not one of the millions of ripoffs  that pervade the web.

Habit #6:  Successful internet marketers have discovered the power of FOCUS! They understand that a business is no longer restricted to one website.  They realize that when a person types in their search term, (the key word) that search term is their question and your landing page needs to be an exact answer. Successful internet marketers realize that they are better off by creating a number of focused landing pages designed to cover specific areas of their business. This allows a visitor to easily decide if they have found what they are looking for.  This way, when a person types in
Focus creates power and trust.
bananas, they see a page devoted to bananas as opposed to five kinds of fruit. They understand that having a separate landing page for each type of fruit is better than having a main site devoted to the five types of fruit they sell. With a focused landing page, the visitor is less likely to be distracted and more likely to click or call. Successful internet marketers further realize that the search engines prefer focused, easy to understand web pages that make it easier to rank them as opposed to multi-subject pages.

Habit #7: Successful internet marketers understand that internet marketing for search ranking is a multimedia affair. No longer can you just engage in one aspect of the web. Content in all its forms is now king. You need to create content, lots of content in a wide variety of formats. This should include; landing pages, videos, blogs,
Multimedia approach to content marketing.
social posts, slide shares, 
podcasts, white papers, digital press releases and more. This content has to be constantly fed through their specific channels, then cross-linked and backlinked to their related web pages. Being one-dimensional is an easy way to allow your competitions to steal your thunder and generate a better organic position. Successful internet marketers make sure they're active in the top five social nets and they don’t forget to include blogging, YouTube and podcasting as well.

In this article, I have laid out what I feel are the seven habits of highly successful internet marketers. These seven habits will ensure success in any internet marketing endeavor. They will prove exceptionally helpful when engaging in full-on campaigns versus just running ads.  Following these seven habits will create an audience, produce the strongest organic ranking possible and will convert more visitors than any other marketing habits used today. More importantly, they will produce these results without trickery ensuring that you will never be blackballed or de-listed from the search engines. 

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That's my opinion; I look forward to hearing yours.

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Hector Cisneros is a partner, COO and Social Media Director for the award-winning, Internet-based marketing firm, Working the Web to Win, in Jacksonville, FL. You can connect with him on Twitter,  Facebook,  Google+,  LinkedIn,  and YouTube.  He’s also the co-host of BlogTalkRadio’s “Working the Web to Win,” where he and co-founder, Carl Weiss, make working the web to win simple for every business. Additionally, Hector is a syndicated writer on EzineOnline and is an active blogger (including ghostwriting). He's a published author of two books, "60 Seconds to Success"(available at Amazon and B&N), and "Internet Marketing for the 21st Century," which you can get by filling out the form above. He’s also the co-author of the new book, “Working The Web to Win,” which is now available on

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  2. To become a successful internet marketer, then this is very necessary that you should follow all the guidelines given by search engine and always practice white hat SEO techniques to outrank your website in SERP.