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The Latest Cool Tech Products from CES 2019 and Beyond

By Hector Cisneros
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Last years CES was fantastic with lots of new innovations and upgrades to all the tech that tech lovers love. This year will be no different. This year's show will have an estimated 4500 exhibits, 2.7 million square feet of exhibit space and exhibitors from 155 countries. 2019 will be the year that many of the big name exhibitors will be showcasing breakthrough tech in smartphones, AI controls, health tech, bigger and better Smart TV's, next-gen home security and electric smart-car technology. So put on your favorite tech goggles as we Work the Web to Win to explore what's coming up at this years CES in Las Vegas.

The Consumer Electronics Show has been around for over 50 years and is held at 10 plus locations around the world. This year Las Vegas will ratchet up the excitement again with a huge venue and a hoard of exhibitors. If you have ever been to one of these shows, you know you can never see everything that is displayed at the show. Having said that, you can concentrate on the tech you like first and then explore other tech that strikes your fancy. We have been writing about CES and new year's tech innovations for many years now. In fact, if you type "new tech" in the search box of our blog, you will find these and many other articles we have written. Here is a small sample of some of the articles we have published.
In this article, I discuss what I think are the top ten coolest tech products to check out at this year's show. I will provide my picks in a countdown fashion from cool to the coolest tech for the coming year. Now let's get to the latest and coolest new tech at CES 2019.
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Cool Tech Pick #10 - Retro Tech is In! What I mean by Retro tech are the release of older video game consoles like the Atari, Sega, and Nintendo, upgraded but retro-looking phonographs, home phones and appliances that let you relive the old days of technology past. The coolest thing is that much of this retro tech is a bargain, with many of the game-consoles street price between $30 an a $100.

Cool Tech #9 - 8K - 85 inch Smart TV! Giant TV's are not new, but being able to buy an 8K 85-inch Smart TV is. The bad news is that the 8K standard is not directly compatible with standard HDMI so if you buy one, you will have to buy new cables and players to get the full benefits of the 8k picture.
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Cool Tech #8 - Widespread Alexa and Google Assistant controlled TV's! Voice controlled TV remotes are not new either. Comcast, ROKU, Apple, and Fire TV remotes have had this capability for a while now. However, this new generation promises to provide greater capability and now most Smart TV's have voice remote capabilities built-in, including many many entry-level products.

Cool Tech #7 - Upgraded AI showing more natural language! Recently I published my annual prediction article called "Hector the Connector's Internet Predictions for the New Year and Beyond", where I talked about how this is the year that AI will make a big leap forward. This will be evident with upgrades where we will see AI show greater capabilities in natural language. I predict that this will be showcased at this year's CES as well.

Cool Tech #6 - Lots of new AI-controlled devices! Last years CES showed a plethora of new IoT devices all capable of being controlled by Alexa or Google Assistant. Last year I mentioned several bathroom appliances being launched. This year we will see the next generation of IoT products as they pervade every aspect of our lives. Everything from toys, home robots, lighting, equipment controls, kitchen appliances, garage tech, home security and more. Everywhere you will see AI controlled devices.

Cool Tech #5 - Improved self-driving cars! Last years CES showcased a ton of self-driving cars. This year will not be an exception. In fact, we will continue to see more driver assist and self-driving features from here on out. These capabilities are tied to the advances in AI, AI sensing devices and believe it or not, the widespread adoption of 5G networks. The success of self-driving AI cars is closely tied to high-speed data needs that 5G promises to deliver.
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Cool Tech #4 - Nissan's Leaf electric car! Nissan's 3rd Generation Leaf electric car will provide greater battery power and capacity which will add to its performance and range capabilities. The 2nd generation Leaf had a 40 kWh battery and could reach a range of 151 miles on a single charge. This new generation has a 60 kWh battery and will exceed an estimated 200-mile range. That's enough distance on a single charge to get me back and forth to work 16 days (close to what my gas-guzzler provides now).

Cool Tech #3 - New Health Tech! We aren't talking just new watches and health trackers, but smart clothing with embedded chips. This includes exercise garments, shoes, jewelry, hats, eyewear and more. As AI capabilities grow and sensors (and health products in general) miniaturize, the more they will be incorporated into our clothing. Expect to see smart eye-wear that looks for all practical purposes like normal glasses and shoes and clothing that can detect many health indices without looking like you have a computer strapped to your back. We mention the first generation of these type products back in our article called Ready to Ware in July of 2014. These new products are 4th generation health tracker wearables.
Courtesy of PxHere

Cool Tech Second Runner Up - 5G Tech and 5G smartphones! Last year it was announced that a 5G standard was coming. There were some 5G announcements but there were no real products or service available. This year will be different, 5G is available in a few cities. There will be 5G capable smartphones, probably announced by Samsung, LG and Huawei. As always, we will see upgraded picture quality, camera performance, apps and yes AI capabilities, including improvements in natural language. The neat thing is that many newer phones will also be able to take advantage of the new AI capabilities since they are part of the smartphones OS and cloud capabilities. The bad news is that your 2018 Apple, Samsung or other smartphones won't be 5G capable.

My Top Cool Tech Pick for this year's show is? - #1 Foldable tech - especially smartphones! Samsung has been teasing consumers with prototypes of a foldable large smartphone displays for some time now. But this year I believe they will not only show it but announce its retail release date. Expect to see LG, and Huawei will follow suit as well with their own 2019 foldable display smartphones. But understand that we are not just talking about foldable smartphones here. Flexible displays will be shown that can be integrated into smart car windshields, tools, appliances, clothing and much more. Thin film flexible displays will change how we receive information from the world we live and interact in.

Video Courtesy of TechTalkTV on YouTube

There you have it, my predictions for the 2019 CES coolest products. In the past, I wrote about the products that I knew would be displayed at CES. This year I have gone out on a limb with some of my predictions because the manufacturers haven't announced for sure that their teaser products will be showcased. However, make no mistakes, this year CES will have lots of showstoppers and the coolest tech yet. The sheer size of the show venue, its huge hoard of exhibitors and the hype and excitement is something that every techie should take in at least once in their lifetime. Take it from me, the magic of one of these shows leaves a lasting impression on you that you will never forget. Keep in mind that a lot of these new technologies are being driven by advances in AI. Many manufacturers are hoping to use AI to make smart devices easier to use so we won't have to "learn how to use" highly technical products. I personally have had a yen for foldable tech for many years now. I am glad that this technology is finally coming of age. I fully expect that flexible display technology will upgrade our standards of living in ways we haven't yet imagined. I hope you get to visit and enjoy this year's CES, along with the new coolest tech. I know I will be checking it out.

That's my opinion; I look forward to reading yours.

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