Send in the Clones - What Every Business Owner Needs

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By Carl Weiss

Fran├žais : Michael Keaton au festival de Cannes
Fran├žais : Michael Keaton au festival de Cannes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A few years ago there was a movie with Michael Keaton call "Multipilicity" where Keaton plays a guy who has too many tasks to complete and not enough time to get them done. His solution is to have himself cloned and have the clone take care of one of the takes. The movie was hilarious as we see Michael clones have the same issues as he has so they decide they too need help. Soon the first clone decided to get a clone help too and you end up with clones of the clones and a watered down Michael Keaton personality.

Say what you will, cloning is alive, well and thriving.  Everything from a sheep (Dolly) to an Indian buffalo (Mahima), to a well to do couple’s deceased Labrador Retriever (Sir Lancelot), have been successfully cloned.  One outspoken Harvard geneticist has even claimed that scientists could clone a Neanderthal if they had an “extremely adventurous surrogate mother.”  While scientifically possible, thus far human cloning has remained taboo and even mentioning it brings a storm of controversy, with everyone from the scientific establishment to the religious right weighing in on why this is a bad idea.  But putting ethics aside, how many business owners would jump at the chance of having a carbon copy of themselves to help around the office? 

Business Can Use Clones (via Automation)

Face it, the hardest part of hiring is the training of new employees.  Even once trained, most employees can never attain the same level of competence, motivation and enthusiasm that the boss does.  That’s why most companies spend mountains of time and money training and retraining staffers.  But what if the founder or owner of a business could climb inside a Xerox machine, press a button and spawn one or more clones of him or herself.  When one considers the increased productivity and profitability that would result, do you think they would fret over the ethics of the process?  I for one can think of several prominent billionaires who would leap at the chance.

The problem is that notwithstanding the video below, this technology is not yet available.  But that doesn’t mean that the fundamental motivating factors are not of paramount importance to every business owner and manager on the planet.  Let’s face it, there are never enough hours in a day to accomplish all the tasks we need to get done.  Add to this the fact that the most expensive and limited commodity to the boss is their time.  It doesn’t matter how capable and motivated you are, there are only so many appointments and texts and conference calls that can be performed in any given day.  Add to this the fact that as the boss a percentage of your time is spent dealing not with prospects and clients, but babysitting your staff and putting out the fires that crop up on a regular basis in every business.

But what if there was a mechanism or technology that would allow any business person the opportunity to be in two or more places at the same time.  Plus, what if this same technology could take some of the burden off your back when it comes to training or retraining new hires and existing employees.  Would that put a smile on your face?

Automation - The ABC for Your Business

Aproaching Automation
Aproaching Automation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When most people think of automation they think of robots.  What they don’t realize is that the Internet offers a number of ways to automate tasks that are repetitive .  Take training, for example.  For the most part educating employees about products, services and sales tools is one of those pig-in-a-rut tasks that is repeated at most businesses ad nauseum.  The answer to this situation is to clone the task via video.  Why repeat the same process over and over when you can do the job once, record it and hand it out to employees, prospects and clients like Christmas cookies.  Yes Virginia, you need to train your clients and prospects to buy more products and services.  Whereas in days gone by you would need to create and ship a DVD, today you can email a YouTube or employ a QR code to deliver the lesson.  Mission accomplished.

In today’s content-rich online environment, generating a database that you can send a monthly newsletter to at the push of a button isn’t just good business, it makes good sense since it automates and multiplies your efforts at the click of a mouse.  (It’s also another place to embed those videos.)  Companies today need to stay lean and mean.  So instead of becoming top heavy by taking on more and more employees, you can create a legion of clones using such things as blogs, videos, podcasts, and social posts that will work 24/7 to do your bidding.  As an added bonus, these clones not only have the ability to reach out and touch thousands on prospects and clients, but producing and optimizing them works to help move you up on the search engine’s food chain, since all search engines love content.

Start Making Your Clones Today!

In this article, I used the word "clone" to symbolize how you can automate many parts of your business. By automating some of your business processes with online video and many other internet applications, you will be able to achieve greater efficiency and increase profits like never before. These processes can be used to automate a sales demonstration, education customer, train employees, filter applicant, provide customer support and so much more.

So what’s not to like about clones?  They never get tired, don’t call in sick and they never ask for a raise.  When you want them to travel to distant points on the globe, they won’t whine about flying coach.  When they get in front of a prospect, they are always daisy fresh and can produce the perfect pitch every time.  So, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, stop hiring, start cloning and send your top gun in on every pitch.  You’ll thank me later.  All of you.

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